A selection of photographic works.
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II. The Woods, 2018
Open edition

The Tempest, 2017

Open Edition series

Wabi Sabi, 2017

Limited Edition series

The Lost World, 2016
Limited Edition of 10

The Silence, 2016
Open edition triptych

11:40pm, 2016
Open edition

Arcana, 2016
Open edition triptych

The Mystical Waterfall, 2016
Open edition

The Hidden Woods, 2016
Open edition

Driving at dusk, 2015
Limited edition of 10

Untitled, 2015
Limited edition of 10

"Venice", 2014
Limited edition of 10
2015 Milburn Art Prize Finalist
2015 Lethbridge Gallery 10000 Art Award Finalist

"Snowtown", 2012
Open Edition
2013 Clayton Utz Art Award Finalist
Published in Semi Permanent Book 1, 2013

"Terra Incognita", 2013
Limited Edition of 50
A photographic exploration of various dark, Norse & Greek mythological realms.
"Primevil" published in Rah Collective book 2013.
"Niflheim" published in Semi Permanent book 2014.

'Nowhere' series, Nevada 2013
Limited Edition of 10
Image 7 from the series was exhibited at the FDR Presidential Museum, NY 2014 as part of the Creative Action Network's "See America!" campaign.

"Solace" triptych, 2012
Limited Edition of 10
Finalist in the Brooklyn Arts Project 2013

A selection of black and white prints exploring dark, far away lands
Open edition prints
"X" published in Semi Permanent Book 2, 2013 and "Wisconsin" published in Rah Collective Book 2013

"Zone 13", 2012
Limited Edition of 50

"Girl", 2012
Cyan edition limited to 5 prints
Black and white edition published as the cover for Les Miserables, Victor Hugo "Recovering the Classics" campaign through the Creative Action Network, SF & Harvard Books USA.

Film photographs, 2013
Open edition prints
"Reckoning" selected as a 2014 Lethbridge Gallery 10000 Art Award finalist.

Uigeadail, Japan 2008
Limited edition of 50

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